FSA re-benchmarking deadline closed    

8th November 2022

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All schemes must now be benchmarked against the latest version of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment, FSA 3.0, which was launched in April 2021

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Since its inception in 2014, the FSA has become a globally recognised and trusted industry solution and the latest version, FSA 3.0 is even more effective in enabling supply chain collaboration and accelerating sustainable agriculture on the ground.

2022 has seen significant user growth for FSA 3.0 with the total number of FSA verified farms now standing at above 285,000, covering 170 crops in over 55 countries.

A key function of FSA version 3.0 and an important continuity from FSA 2.1 is the Benchmarking Programme which provides a common reference point for farm sustainability schemes, as well as a consistent approach to determine alignment. More than 100 sustainability schemes used by SAI Platform members were previously benchmarked against FSA 2.1, making it the prominent global reference for sustainable agriculture.

With the launch of the new and improved FSA 3.0 in April 2021, it was important to encourage all schemes already benchmarked against FSA 2.1 to begin the re-benchmarking process and maintain their equivalency against the FSA 3.0.

A communication campaign was launched earlier this year announcing the 31st October 2022 as the deadline for all FSA benchmarked scheme owners to engage in the FSA 3.0 re-benchmarking process. 

SAI Platform would like to extend its thanks to the scheme owners who engaged in the process, and by doing so, committing to maintaining their equivalence against FSA 3.0.

From the 71 operational schemes that were benchmarked against FSA 2.1, 52 have decided to maintain their benchmark. This demonstrates the FSA’s continued relevance as the global reference framework for on-farm sustainability.  

An overview of the schemes that have and have not maintained their equivalence against the FSA can be found here. Companies using one of the schemes that has lost its equivalence can no longer use it to claim equivalence against the FSA and must either implement the FSA directly or implement one of the schemes that has maintained its benchmarked status. 

For schemes which are currently undergoing re-benchmarking, users can continue to apply the existing (FSA 2.1) benchmarks for their sourcing claims up until 30th April 2023, which is the final deadline for the re-benchmarking process to be completed.   

SAI Platform also extends its thanks and appreciation to its members, FSA users and approved Benchmarking Consultants, who, together helped drive the successful re-benchmarking effort since the launch of FSA 3.0 in April 2021.