FSA Training tailors member support and advances expertise in the US and Canada

7th October 2019

SAI Platform’s latest FSA Training took place in Seattle, Washington on 1st-3rd October. The training session addressed the needs of professionals from a wide range of commodities to learn how to better engage with suppliers and farmers towards more sustainable farming.

This well attended training event was the result of a growing interest to advance and communicate sustainability through the FSA by members sourcing and processing products in the United States and Canada.  All components of the food and drink supply chain were represented, including farmer cooperatives, processors, traders, manufacturers, retailers and audit companies.

SAI Platform member, Jaime Thorn from Starbucks, commented: “The FSA Training was extremely useful in understanding the tool and building my network with like-minded professionals across the food and beverage supply chain. I now feel like I have the competency to explore the tool within our existing supply chain systems.

The FSA Training sessions sparked an interest among attendees and their suppliers to further expand and customise FSA tools and make them even more relevant to the North American context. A specific interest for many of the participants was the ability to use FSA at the whole-farm level, across multiple commodities as well as different growing systems such as sugar cane and sugar beet, almonds, cranberries and corn.

This FSA Training forms part of SAI Platform’s broader focus on providing direct support to multiple members and non-members in the United States and Canada. Currently, FSA uptake in the United States has seen a sharp and increasing rise in the last 18 months. This training also fits into SAI Platform’s long-term plan to support members and their suppliers across the Americas (North and South). SAI Platform recognises this massive consumer market and agricultural powerhouse as key to global agricultural sustainability.

What next?

The Americas Community of SAI Platform is planning the next North American FSA Training to take place in spring 2020. SAI Platform is delighted that various members have already offered to host and share their experiences of using the FSA in their supply chains.

For updates and further information check the Events section to guarantee you place when the dates and location are confirmed.