Horizon Committee Cultivates Soil Resource Centre

1st September 2017

The first project out of the newly-formed Horizon Committee is in the final stages of planning and approaching implementation. A Resource Centre on Soil Health: a one shop location “toolbox” will allow members to familiarise themselves and their supply chain with the importance of soil and how to maintain sustainable soil systems.

From the outset, resources listed will be those already used in the industry, or those in development by collaborative organisations and institutions. One of the tools that will be created by SAI Platform will be a communications piece exclusively for those directly involved with the sustainability programme. With this tool, they can connect with their stakeholders on the subject, right across the spectrum, from the farmers to the CEO. The secondary focus is to enable and demonstrate progress on soil health that can be used in conjunction with Principles and Practices (P&Ps) and/or FSA.

The goal is to address risks and opportunities of soil health from the perspective of businesses, farmers, and society.

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