Improved Process and Delivery Mark a Successful 2018 for SAI Platform

4th December 2018

By Adrian Greet Director General, SAI Platform

As we come to the end of a highly successful 2018, I continue to be inspired by our shared sense of responsibility and motivated by our collaborative efforts that are having a measurable and global impact. This year we welcomed 16 new members to SAI Platform, taking our membership to a new high of over 100. The FSA Programme grew in usership reporting an additional 30k farms and over forty verified farm management groups. Our Secretariat team also expanded as we welcomed sustainability experts Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director and Nathalia Ramos Castro, Programme Officer.

This year we re-defined our vision and mission which set forth our 2018-2025 goals to protect the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare as well as ensuring a thriving and resilient agricultural sector. They are the foundations of our improved processes and delivery, and we have not just met some of our 2018 goals, but we have knocked them out of the park!

Our strength as a platform and expert community saw the SAI Platform Beef Working Group become the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS). Representing beef producers and processors the ERBS is now the multi-stakeholder voice on beef sustainability in Europe. Our global presence and development also expanded as the Dairy Working Group completed 5 pilots across the US, Europe and Australia resulting in 118 million metric tons of milk volume traded and processed from our members.  Meanwhile, our Learning Journey and Master Class workshop demonstrated to members the relevance of on-the-ground and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing as we continue to support individual progress in sustainability.

SAI Platform is leading the way on sustainable collaborative initiatives. The launch of Spotlight, our new tool to drive collaboration among members is already having impact. Over a quarter of our members are currently using this database for the benefit of possible collaborative relations and projects and already in the pipeline is the start of action to deliver our 2025 goals.

2018 has been a productive and rewarding year and there is plenty to celebrate. I am proud to have been part of this and to work with such a highly dedicated team. However, we must stay focussed as we look ahead to accomplishing all of our 2025 goals. It’s important that we take this year’s achievements to keep us energised and motivated as we continue working together and advancing together.

I would like to thank all of our Members and our Working Group Chairs for your commitment and quality of work. Thank you also to the Secretariat who pick up the tools to implement our vision and mission. Finally, a special thank you to the Executive Committee and Advisory Committee whose help, advice and knowledgeable guidance make this collaborative platform the working success it is.

Festive greetings to one and all,

Adrian Greet – Director General, SAI Platform