New FSA 3.0 User Guide released

27th June 2022

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Developed in collaboration with SAI Platform members, the FSA 3.0 User Guide is a comprehensive overview for users

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SAI Platform is pleased to announce the release of a new FSA User Guide. This latest guide book is an introduction to the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) and offers practical support to a growing community as they navigate the sustainable agriculture landscape. It offers readers an overview of the system for people who are interested in assessing, improving and validating on-farm sustainability in their supply chains.

The FSA 3.0 User Guide was developed with the contribution and collaboration of SAI Platform members who have generously shared their experiences and stories of implementing the FSA. The lessons that they have learnt along their own FSA journeys have been included here to help better understand the different roles that users play in supporting the implementation of the FSA, and to provide an entry-level overview of the system, including FSA implementation strategies, FSA-compatible traceability models and FSA claims.

“Within the current context of accelerated membership growth for SAI Platform, the FSA is reaching new people, in new regions. We hope that this guide will act as a meaningful resource to help those getting started. We know that FSA implementation is a journey and users appreciate the support of the wider FSA community when getting started.”

Jessica Joubert, Systems User Support Officer, SAI Platform.

Thank you to the SAI Platform members who contributed to the User Guide: Andrea Granier (Unilever), Emily O’Halloran (Ocean Spray), Emmanuelle Poujad (Bonduelle), Jennifer Shaw (Syngenta), Karolina Sluzek (Döhler), Paul Watson (McCain Foods), Gabriel Sarasin (McCormick), Hamish Taylor, Iver Drabaek (Nordzuker) and Mike Buttenham (Grain Farmers of Ontario). Special thanks also to our partners at SureHarvest, Nathan Smith and Eric Harris.

The strength of the FSA programme is a testament to the dedication and leadership of the SAI Platform membership. To learn more about how you can participate, engage, and promote the FSA programme, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at