Online FSA Learning Centre is key to cultivating on-farm sustainability

7th June 2021

The new FSA Version 3.0 is easier to use and better equipped for driving and demonstrating on-farm sustainability performance. A key factor is the improved tools and resources now available in a brand-new online FSA Learning Centre.

The introduction of the latest version of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) was an opportunity to make many of the existing tools more user-friendly. The online FSA Learning Centre offers a more intuitive and personalised guide to implementing the FSA via videos, documents, checklists and quizzes.

Tools and resources include the new Self-Assessment Questionnaire which was trialled and confirmed before the release of the new FSA as a better fit to farm logic and easier to use. Equally, the FSA Implementation Framework contains less jargon and has better guidance on how the FSA can be implemented step-by-step with the support of clear visuals. This key normative document is now also available in multiple languages including Spanish, Portuguese, and French.

We recognised that FSA tools and resources needed to be much more focused on providing practical support to specific user types” says Mike Buttenham of Grain Farmers of Ontario, who headed up the Tools and Guidance Working Group that supported the development of FSA Version 3.0.

That is why above all others, we identified the Farm Management Group Manager as the key person to support for effective FSA implementation.

The online FSA Learning Centre has been an important investment for SAI Platform. Due to the FSA mostly being implemented at group level, the Farm Management Group (FMG) manager plays a pivotal role in ensuring a successful and smooth implementation of this toolset. As a free-to-use online resource, FMG managers are led through the process of implementing the FSA with their farm supply base.

The FSA Learning Centre breaks down the complexity of FSA implementation and shows users the options for integrating it into their business”, says Joe Rushton, FSA Manager at SAI Platform.

This bite-sized approach enables users to find the FSA tools and resources just when they need them and build up their skills to the required level.

The FSA Learning Centre is also useful for farmers with an interest in Stand-Alone Farm FSA implementation and buyers in the downstream supply chain.

SAI Platform members can simply access the FSA Learning Centre through their My SAI Platform space on our website. Non-members need to register. The FSA Learning Centre connects users to the FSA Resource Centre as well as the FSA Helpdesk for optimal user support.