Our Commitment to SAI Platform’s Success

5th June 2018

BRUSSELS 4 June 2018 – We are delighted to announce that from today, Adrian Greet will take on the role of Director General for SAI Platform. With the full support of Mars, Adrian will be stepping into this interim role until a more permanent replacement is secured which is expected by the year’s end.    

For several years Mars has been an active supporter of SAI Platform, prominent in both Beef and Dairy Working Groups. Adrian also has a long history within the Executive Committee firstly as Treasurer and more recently as President. This move highlights the strong focus on SAI Platform’s new Vision and Mission 2018-25 and the full commitment of the Executive Committee and Secretariat to ensuring maximum continuity, stability and delivery of progress. 

Recruitment will start again in September with the expectation to have a permanent Director General in place by the end of the year. At that point Adrian will return as a member of the Executive Committee with Jan Kees Vis as President and Rob Meyers as Vice President for the next two years.