Pushing Our Boundaries in 2017

1st December 2017

This year marked the 15th anniversary of SAI Platform and we commemorated this milestone by hosting our Annual Event in China. This shows how we have pushed our boundaries and demonstrates our level of focus, investment and strength. Taking stock of where we find ourselves now with an established SAI Platform Chapter in Australia, a Committee in Brazil as well as a prospective Committee in China, SAI Platform confidently stands on a truly global scale, at the forefront of sustainable agriculture.

2017 has also seen strategic reviews and restructuring of our Working Groups with the aim to deliver maximum value to our members in the present and as we look to the future. The principles and practices that are the very essence of this organisation have clearly been demonstrable through projects such as SAIRISI, Doñana and European Sugar Beet.

The global use of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment programme (FSA) and the willingness of metric and audit focussed organisations to align with us, show not only that we know what we are doing, but that we are also leading the way.

And, of course the last ten-years would not have been possible without the leadership of Peter-Erik, a man who was fully committed to both sustainable agriculture and SAI Platform. He will be missed but our work will nevertheless continue with the same vigour and dedication.

On behalf of the Secretariat I would like to thank our members and Executive Committee for their time, enthusiasm and input throughout the year and we look forward to working with you in 2018 and beyond.

Jane Duncan

Director of Operations