SAI Platform Calls on Members to Support Expansion into China

24th July 2018

Following the success of the SAI Platform 2017 Conference in Beijing and strong interest from members with Chinese operations, SAI Platform is setting up a China initiative. The decision was welcomed by the Executive Committee who recognise the strategic importance and value that SAI Platform can bring to support Chinese companies on their sustainability journeys.

Commenting about the high expectations of this initiative in China, Jane Duncan, Director of Operations for SAI Platform stated – “Now is the time for members with operations or interests in China to join this initiative. China is a market of significant importance to a large number of our members and we want to ensure that they are involved, connected and engaged during these important initial stages”.

Jane Duncan added – “Our aim is for our members with or potentially with Chinese interests, to benefit from the investment we are making in China which will help them to develop and implement their sustainability measures”.

Speaking about the crucial influence of finding the right local partner at the initial stages of the operation, Jane Duncan added – “Such an important initiative needs local expertise and knowledge.  We have therefore contracted Mr Martin Ma, an experienced, local sustainability expert to lead and drive our presence in China”.

As a first step, Mr. Ma will carry out initial ground work to identify common sustainability related challenges that SAI Platform members face in China. In parallel, he will develop stakeholder engagement and raise awareness of SAI Platform with Government officials, industry associations, local Chinese companies, particularly in the agri-food sector. The aim being to establish projects that members and other stakeholders can work on collaboratively.

SAI Platform’s presence in China right now is timely, given that the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture has taken its first steps to address sustainability issues. Following the Paris Agreement China’s President, Mr. Xi Jinping, announced China’s ambition to participate and take the lead on global efforts to address ecological civilisation. This unprecedented measure creates fertile ground for organisations such as SAI Platform, to share its expertise with China, support its members and attract new members.

Meet Martin Ma

Martin Ma has16-years’ experience working in the area of sustainability in China. During this time, he played an instrumental role in helping two international organisations create their local programmes: Social Accountability International and Solidaridad Network Organisation, covering labour rights and sustainable agriculture respectively. In addition, Martin Ma’s network of contacts and credibility with numerous opinion leaders and sustainability practitioners in China (including the Ministries of Agriculture and Ministry of Commerce) will be invaluable.

We are currently connecting Martin Ma to all interested members.  

If you wish to be involved or would like more information, please contact Jane Duncan or Yael Fattal