SAI Platform invests in better support and service to FSA users

30th March 2020

The use of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) continues to expand around the world. In recognition of this SAI Platform has significantly invested in the improvement of user experience and support. This includes a brand-new FSA help desk, already in operation, to provide quicker and better user support. While the recent launch of the FSA Benchmarking Portal as well as the Guide to making FSA Statements and Claims are providing FSA users with the information and service they need to more efficiently and effectively implement the FSA.

FSA Helpdesk

February’s launch of the improved FSA help desk is already proving to be a success. FSA support requests are dealt with faster due to a more efficient handling of support tickets. This new ticketing system will also help SAI Platform learn from repeated support requests as a way to continuously improve our user support. For the best possible service, all users are requested to send any FSA-related enquiries to

Benchmarking Portal

With over 100 benchmarked schemes available in 426 combinations, the old-fashioned Excel spreadsheet containing all the benchmark equivalencies became a challenge for many FSA users. This is why we have launched the new Benchmarking Portal, in collaboration with our partner the International Trade Centre (ITC). The portal makes it easier for users to understand their FSA performance level when using one or more benchmarked schemes.

Guide to making FSA Statements and Claims

Many of our users are interested in learning how to write statements about using the FSA and make valid FSA Performance Level Claims. Our new Guide to making FSA Statements and Claims provides an easy way for users to navigate this complex space.

Making the FSA accessible to users through tools like these helps us to raise our level of support, while keeping our team lean and our costs low”, say Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform. “These new resources will hopefully benefit our users and help drive further uptake of the FSA.

All FSA tools and resources are available through the online FSA Resource Centre.