SAI Platform and ITC launch new FSA Benchmarking Portal

30th March 2020

SAI Platform announces the release of a new online ‘FSA Benchmarking Portal’ making it quicker and easier to see how other on-farm sustainability schemes compare with the FSA.

How does it work?

The newly released FSA Benchmarking Portal is an easy to use online web-application that allows users to select any of the 100+ FSA benchmarked standards and see which FSA questions are addressed.  It capitalises on the outstanding body of work that SAI Platform has undertaken over the last 4 years to understand where +100 of the world’s leading on-farm sustainability schemes overlap with the FSA questionnaire, thereby minimising any duplication of effort.

FSA benchmarked schemes can be selected individually or in addition to each other and the Benchmarking Portal will display an indication of the:

How can it help me?

Previously these features were only available via spreadsheet, or after setting up a farm profile within the FSA web application.  With the FSA Benchmarking Portal now online this information is publicly available to all FSA users and stakeholders, and ready to use at your fingertips. It gives farms, Farm Management Group co-ordinators, buyers and other professionals an immediate insight into what FSA benchmarked schemes can offer.

 “When engaging customers and suppliers about using FSA, being able to quickly translate combinations of farm standards into FSA equivalence and see which questions are addressed can save time, guide choices about which schemes to work with, and better inform which FSA implementation option to use. By removing any uncertainty from the beginning, it elevates the conversation about on-farm sustainability right across the supply chain” says Joe Rushton, FSA Programme Manager at SAI Platform.

How can I access it?

The FSA Benchmarking Portal is now freely available from the FSA Resource Centre.

SAI Platform will hold a members-only webinar to demo the Benchmarking portal on 21st April 3-4pm CET. We will explain when and how to use the Benchmarking Portal in practice as well as the the key benefits and limitations.