SAI Platform pilots the Wild Harvest Sustainability Assessment in Hungary.

30th May 2023

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SAI Platform is currently piloting the Wild Harvest Sustainability Assessment (WHSA) prototype. The pilot is taking place for elderflower in Hungary, in collaboration with our member, Dohler.

After developing the WHSA toolkit in 2022, we look forward to the valuable insights to be gained from this field test, which will help inform the future strategy of our Wild Harvest tool.

“Sustainability is core to our business, so we welcomed the opportunity to pilot the approach, and look forward to sharing our key learning points”.

Karolina Śluzek, Sustainability Manager, Doehler.

As the pilot phase nears completion, we will review key learning points and evaluate the potential for further development including market demand and resourcing options. Therefore, we invite you to stay connected on this topic.

For inquiries, expressions of interest, and any questions related to further shaping the Wild Harvest toolkit, please reach out to Joe Rushton.