SAI Platform’s 2023 Annual Report 

4th June 2024

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Transforming agricultural systems

SAI Platform releases its 2023 Annual Report, marking a year of significant progress and impact.

The report, titled ‘Transforming the Agricultural System,’ highlights the synergy of SAI Platform members and partners in addressing the urgent need for collective action and industry collaboration.

“It is through a collective responsibility that we will foster an agricultural system that is sustainable for future generations.”

Robert Erhard, President, SAI Platform.

As a member-led industry organisation, SAI Platform is committed to amplifying its impact and collaborative efforts to drive sustainable sourcing and food production. The report underscores SAI Platform’s role as a leading authority on innovation, responsibility, and collaboration in sustainable sourcing and regenerative agriculture.

“As a resilient and innovative member-led community, we are a formidable force for change.”

Dionys Forster, Director General, SAI Platform.

This year’s report includes performance highlights across our working groups, events, and member-led industry solutions, including the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability (ERBS), the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA), the Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP), and the Regenerative Agriculture Programme (RAP).