SAI Platform’s New Vision and Mission

3rd July 2018

Delivering Protection, Resilience and Value to Our Members

BRUSSELS, Belgium. July 3, 2018 – The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) today announces a new vision and mission to drive nine strategic priorities designed to deliver protection, resilience and value to members and the sustainable agricultural sector. Built on three pillars – knowledge, collaboration and tools – the ambitious and member focused priorities for 2018-2025 will continue the success of the first 15 years of SAI Platform to support over 90 members to safe-guard natural capital, human rights and animal welfare.

Our Vision

A sustainable, thriving and resilient agricultural sector that protects the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare, delivering value to our members and across our whole value chains.

Our Mission

To harness the collaborative power of our members to accelerate widespread adoption of sustainable agricultural practices.

Nine Strategic Priorities

To empower our members to protect the environment, human rights and animal welfare

To ensure resilience

To help realise value

Jan Kees Vis, President of the Executive Committee commented “SAI Platform is a leading example of sustainable agriculture solutions through member-driven pre-competitive collaboration. Our new vision and mission is ambitious and in alignment with our members to help drive positive change, deliver at scale and catalyse success. We have an exciting time ahead of us”.

Adrian Greet, Director General at SAI Platform added – “It is important that we have clear goals to help us stay focussed as we address the wider issues to protect the earth’s resources, human rights and animal welfare. Looking to 2025, our plan to expand globally into China and North America, increase the use of FSA towards 1 million farmers and lead the way to support sustainable agriculture practice across the beef and dairy sectors represent our level of commitment and our expectations for the future.”