SAIRISI: the accomplishments of a collaborative project for sustainable rice farming

24th September 2020

From 2016 to 2020, SAI Platform and its members Ebro Foods, Euricom, Kellogg’s, Migros, SP S.p.A. initiated the SAIRISI Sustainable Italian Rice Project to improve the sustainability of rice farming in the north-west of Italy.

At its completion in 2020, SAIRISI became a unique example of pre-competitive collaboration across the value chain including SAI Platform member companies, farmers, millers, and local experts and institutions.

Over 500 Italian rice farmers received training during a 3-year period which included on-farm demonstrations on the value of sustainable agricultural practices and the benefits of using SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA).

Learn more about the accomplishments of this project in the new addendum of the SAIRISI case-study. A visual summary that highlights the main lessons learnt and how SAI Platform together with members, is changing the industry and creating models of collaboration.