SAI Platform members and key partners invited to sneak preview of FSA 3.0

16th September 2020

SAI Platform is hosting an online FSA Community of Practice Meeting on November 12, 2020 as the development of the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) version 3 nears its final stages. The online event is an opportunity for members and selected partners to get a sneak preview of the FSA 3.0 and understand the changes that are underway.

The formal launch of FSA 3.0 is planned for April 2021, also marking the start of an 18-month phasing out period of the current version 2.1.

The recent approval of the FSA 3.0 Self-Assessment Questionnaire is a crucial milestone, as is the foundation of the FSA.” highlighted Iver Drabaek of Nordzucker, Chair of the FSA 3.0 Guidance Committee.

I think this is testimony that we can deliver something that is both reaching out into the future while at the same time maintaining a strong foothold in the present FSA.

We have strengthened components of the FSA as well as adding new ones to make it more robust and more effective in driving improvement”.

The online FSA Community of Practice meeting will take place on Thursday November 12th, from 15.00 – 18.00 CET. Participants will get an overview of FSA 3.0 and can attend breakout groups to learn more about the individual modules that will make up the new version. Breakout groups will also be used to gather feedback, where modules are still under development.

The event is open to representatives from SAI Platform member companies and a maximum of 2 representatives of approved FSA Verification Bodies and FSA benchmarked schemes. Please register your interest for participating in the event here. You are welcome to send any questions to the FSA Helpdesk through