Shining the Light Towards Sustainable Collaboration

4th December 2017

Innovative technology is already an essential component to sustainable agricultural practice. The harnessing of new technology transforms the traditional ways of thinking, allowing new ideas and more efficient and productive approaches to breakthrough.

It was along this evolutionary path back in February 2017, that the Steering Committee (SteerCo) for Working Groups, Fruit and Nuts and Arable and Vegetable, found themselves as they sought to find a solution for cross-cutting issues based on members’ priorities and areas of interest. What started off as an idea for hotspot mapping is now currently under development to become an innovative online tool.

The arrival of Spotlight will be SAI Platform’s latest technology to collate important data to address our members’ crop related challenges whether locally, regionally or globally.

Spotlight is launched on 1 February 2018. More information to come. 

Can’t wait until then?

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