Sustainable Dairy Partnership ready for industry implementation

28th September 2020

Industry collaboration has proven to be a critical factor for successful sustainable agricultural solutions. SAI Platform’s Sustainable Dairy Partnership (SDP) is an excellent example of industry collaboration as well as a global approach to dairy sustainability in commercial relationships between buyers and processors. After its industry announcement at the IDF International Dairy Summit in 2019, the SDP is now ready for use. Available to all SAI Platform members, the SDP also welcomes non-members as SDP users.

The SDP is the result of how SAI Platform’s Dairy Working Group supports continuous improvement approaches that are relevant to all dairy buyers and processors. The Dairy Working Group is fully committed to continuing the development of the SDP on its journey to become an essential industry tool for sustainability in commercial relationships.

1st October 2020, sees the launch of a new learning centre, offering training videos on key topics of the SDP. This learning centre is exclusively available for SAI Platform members and SDP users.

Technical documents including the scope document, verification document and requirements document are now finalised and ready for use and are available in the Members’ Zone.

Scope Document: designed to help stakeholders understand the SDP implementation process. Its purpose is to ensure consistency of implementation across regions.

Requirements Document: defines the requirements that must be met at each stage of the SDP maturity model. It is intended to be used by implementing members to guide their progress and for dairy buyers to understand what is expected at each of the 5 stages.

Verification Protocol: to be used by third party organisations conducting SDP verifications. The verification protocol includes details such as the scope of the verification, verification activities, and the list of compiled evidence that leads to credible assurance. This protocol forms the assurance component of the requirements document.