Three new training videos for coffee farmers

24th March 2015

SAI Platform’s Coffee Working group proudly announces three new videos on :

1.Picking and drying (English), FrenchSpanish

2.Stumping and pruning (English) FrenchSpanish

3.Group organisation (English), FrenchSpanish 

The videos were co-funded by SAI Platform, IDH, illycaffe, DE MB and Mondelez International.

They were shot in Uganda but the good practices shown are valid for all farmers around the world. That is why they have been dubbed in several languages (English, French, Kiswahili, Luganda and Spanish).

The sponsoring organizations are sharing the training videos at no cost in order to reach a maximum number of farmers, and to encourage sustainable and profitable green coffee production worldwide.

For more information please contact Emeline Fellus – efellus(at)