We welcome AmpliSource as a SAI Platform affiliate member

24th June 2021

“At AmpliSource, we know two things to be true. One, the future depends on building sustainable practices. And two, sustainability can’t sacrifice effectiveness. That’s why we’re so excited to join SAI Platform. It offers an opportunity to align with like-minded industry leaders, catalyse change and continue to build sustainable solutions.”

Joshua Schmidt, CEO, AmpliSource

Finding solutions up and down the food chain, that’s been the ethos since we began in 1986 (then as Graybill Processing, LLC.) Now as AmpliSource, we offer comprehensive, sustainable, and cost-effective byproduct management solutions to the food manufacturing industry, and turn that into quality resources for livestock producers, feed suppliers and others. 

The vast array of food residuals AmpliSource receives are used to create a high-energy animal feed component that serves as an alternative to corn. Our products not only provide substantive nutrition to livestock, but further delivers an economic alternative to standard feed components to the farming community. Food residuals that would have traditionally been downcycled through landfill or compost are able to have an extended life and cycled through the food supply chain. At AmpliSource, we annually recycle over 480 tons of cardboard, 1,621 tons of wood pallets, 116 tons of metal and 1,077 tons of waste that goes to energy.

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