We welcome Hoogwegt as a SAI Platform member

1st June 2023

“We are proud to be part of SAI platform and to share ideas and best practices with all supply chain partners, so together we can shape a more responsible and lower-impact industry.”

Staszek Chlapowski, Director of Operations, Hoogwegt Group

Hoogwegt Group is the world’s largest privately owned ingredient provider of dairy and plant-based products, with 55 years of experience and active in over 130 countries. Their mission is to build a bridge to a future of responsible food solution by adding value across the board for the food industry, in terms of quality assurance, logistic services, marketing intelligence, research and development, risk management and sustainable solutions.

Hoogwegt is committed to offer choice to their customers and for their products by working with their supplier communities to identify, execute, and validate carbon-reduction projects at a farm and factory level and converting their positive impact into CO2 equivalents that can be easily quantified and compared. By bringing project to the attention of their customers they are advancing low-carbon solutions through their networks and value-chain partners.

To learn more about Hoogwegt visit their website