We welcome Ortogel as a SAI Platform member

9th February 2021

“At Ortogel we have very ambitious sustainability goals related to water consumption, CO2 emissions and waste reduction. We believe that SAI Platform – with its Farm Sustainability Assessment – can help us achieve those goals faster and in a cost efficient way.”

Ketty Messina, Quality Manager, Ortogel SpA

Ortogel SpA is an Italian company based in Caltagirone, Sicily (Italy).

Established in 1978, Ortogel is a leader in farming citrus including blond orange, blood orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine.

Ortogel structure comprises an industrial unit and several production units, which ensure the supply of 70% of the citrus to be industrially processed to obtain natural juices, concentrates, essential oils and by-products.

Ortogel products follow high quality standards that are ensured by several factors: a long-lasting and profitable relationship with raw material suppliers, a cutting-edge extraction system (with optical automatic selection), an innovative processing system downstream of the extraction stage, thorough lab analysis, and a constantly updated IT system.

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