We welcome Sabater as a SAI Platform member

5th June 2023

“Sustainability has been a core value of Sabater since its foundation. We are excited to see how it is gaining traction, not just within the agrifood industry, but among end-consumers as well. We want to play an active role in the sustainability transformation. Joining SAI Platform will enable us to maximise our impact and achieve our ambitions.”

Tamás Sarkadi, Group Head of Sustainability

Sabater Group was founded in 1904 and is headquartered in Murcia (Spain). The industrial conglomerate offers a wide and growing range of natural ingredients for sectors as diverse as food and beverage industry, nutritional supplements, animal feed, health and cosmetics, serving customers in 80+ countries, employing more than 400 professionals. 

Sabater Group was the first primary spice processor to successfully complete a certified sustainable programme for paprika in Peru. It also started a comprehensive sustainable paprika initiative in Senegal a couple of years ago. The organisation is in the process of implementing a global verification programme covering its entire paprika supply chain. Recently, the group published its first sustainability report outlining its sustainability strategy and defining quantitative and qualitative KPIs. Sabater is also a member of the SBTi.

To learn more about Sabater visit their website