We welcome Scoular as a new SAI Platform member

17th February 2021

“Scoular’s SAI Platform membership will enable us to further connect with our end-use customers, helping to drive both of our sustainability journeys in a guided and effective manner. SAI Platform has the potential to serve as the common language of sustainability for grain procurement for our sustainability-focused partners. It also will help to provide our farmers with greater market access and best practices for longer-term sustainability.”

Jeff Vipond, Vice President and General Manager, Pulses, Seed & Distilling, Scoular

Scoular is a 128-year-old company headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska. It creates safe and reliable supply chain solutions for end-users and suppliers of grain, feed ingredients and food ingredients. From more than 100 offices and facilities in North America and Asia, Scoular’s 1,000+ employees lead the way by buying, selling, storing, handling and processing grain and ingredients as well as managing transportation and logistics for customers around the world.

Scoular’s sustainability strategy consists of five pillars with milestones and goals to achieve by 2025: engaging in communities, fostering responsible marine product sourcing, promoting diversity and inclusion, reducing carbon footprint and upholding workplace health and safety.

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