SAI Platform General Assembly 2020

29th September 2020

On 10th June 2020, SAI Platform’s General Assembly 2020 was held for the first time, online, with high member participation. This year’s General Assembly covered important decision items, namely the new Executive Committee and the broadening of affiliate memberships to include farm service and input providers.

Votes were unanimously in favour of the new Executive Committee and the appointment of Robert Erhard as SAI Platform President. 

The Executive Committee are a member elected board of representatives and play a pivotal role in leading SAI Platform. The membership and the Secretariat have benefitted from the dedication, drive and industry knowledge that the Executive Committee members bring to the organisation.

“Over the years, the Executive Committee has demonstrably led to the success and growth of SAI Platform”, commented Jane Duncan, Operations Director, SAI Platform.

“We are looking forward to building on this progress over the next two years with the new Executive Committee.”

Members were also asked to vote on whether to broaden the membership definition and allow all farm service and input providers to join SAI Platform as affiliate members. Members were given opportunity to voice their opinions and ask questions which were addressed before the final decision was reached.

Broadening the scope of affiliate membership is important because many farm service and input providers have direct links with the farming communities that are necessary to work with. This enables stronger engagement directly with farms via these new members: many farm input providers are already working on projects together with individual members.  Through closer integration, SAI Platform can deliver the value and approach to scale, catalyse progress and reduce duplication.

Relevant due diligence will be undertaken on all farm service and input providers who wish to join, applications will require Executive Committee review and approval and some amendments have been made to the code of conduct to ensure that SAI Platform is not used as a marketing platform to promote products/services.