We welcome Thai Wah as a SAI Platform member

31st January 2024

“Thai Wah is committed to building a resilient agri-food ecosystem that will benefit People and Planet. We are honoured to become part of the SAI Platform community and look forward to continuously learning and catalysing the adoption of sustainable agricultural practices in South East Asia. We aim to support and impact over 1 million farmers in the region by 2028”

Hataikan Kamolsirisakul, AVP for Group Strategy, Sustainability, Innovation

For more than 76 years, Thai Wah has held a prominent position in Southeast Asia’s agriculture and food sectors, operating across six countries including Thailand, Vietnam, China, Indonesia, India, and Cambodia.

Thai Wah’s diverse portfolio includes tapioca starch and starch-related products, modified starch, glucose syrup, tapioca pearl, and rice flour. They also offer a variety of food products, ranging from bean vermicelli, rice noodles, and rice vermicelli to pearl, meal kits, and instant noodles. Thai Wah’s products are distributed to local and international markets, spanning more than 40 countries. 

Committed to cultivating significant business growth, fostering innovation, and ensuring sustainability from the very roots of the farm to the retail shelves, Thai Wah was awarded Silver Performance Level equivalency against the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) in 2023 for its cassava plantations in Cambodia and Thailand. This acknowledgement affirms Thai Wah’s dedication to core principles such as responsible sourcing, sustainable land management, pollution risk mitigation, the safeguarding of human rights and the nurturing of farmer livelihoods. 

To learn more about Thai Wah, visit their website.