We welcome Vicente Trapani as SAI Platform member

20th September 2021

“We understand sustainability as a challenge which is why we are committed to minimising the impact of our operations on the environment. To do this we prioritise optimising natural resources, taking care of soil and water sources, protecting the biodiversity and collaborating for the wellbeing and prosperity of our people. By joining SAI Platform, we look forward to showing openly and clearly our commitment to working consistently over balanced actions that consider economic, social and environmental dimensions.”

Silvia Trapani, President Board of Directors, Vicente Trapani S.A.

Founded in 1935, Vicente Trapani SA is an agro-industrial company, sustainably producing lemon and its derivatives, from the field to the world. Their production centre and offices are located in Los Nogales, North of Tucumán, Argentina.

This family-owned company believe in caring for and respecting the environment, that is why all their processes are carried out under sustainability standards. They also develop a programme with specific annual objectives that allows them to work towards this goal.

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