We welcome VOG PRODUCTS as a new member

3rd September 2019

“Being one of the biggest apple processing companies in the world, VOG PRODUCTS would like to give our contribution to protect the environment and advance sustainability with SAI Platform and its members.”

Judith Schweizer, Quality Manager, VOG PRODUCTS

VOG PRODUCTS is a fruit processing company operating in the business-to-business sector. VOG PRODUCTS was founded in 1967 by cooperative farmers and is currently owned by a second level cooperative. It is located in the fruit growing region in the north of Italy (Trentino – South Tyrol).

VOG PRODUCTS transforms the local raw materials mainly apples (but also other fruit types like pears, peaches, kiwi and apricots) from the origin of Italy into semi-finished products.

VOG PRODUCTS owners are 18 cooperatives and 4 producer organisations from around the entire South Tyrol-Trentino region, with more than 13,500 fruit growing farmers as members. The farmers grow fruit on a cultivated area of approximately 28,000 hectares.

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