Welcome to Robert Erhard – New President of the SAI Platform Executive Committee

30th June 2020

SAI Platform is delighted to announce Robert Erhard, Agricultural Raw Materials Sourcing Specialist at Nestlé as SAI Platform’s new President of the Executive Committee.

During SAI Platform’s first ever online General Assembly, Robert Erhard addressed important interests including where SAI Platform’s focus is today as well as future opportunities.

 “The challenges are increasing, and we have to face those. The strength and defining feature of SAI Platform lies in offering pragmatic solutions that members can take back to their organisations and supply chains.”

Members were thanked for their contribution and the ongoing work that makes SAI Platform relevant.

“SAI Platform would not be where it is today if it was not for your contributions and the investment that you make into each other at the working groups. This is enabling a rising tide. And a rising tide lifts all boats.”

Robert encouraged members to be active and to participate in Working Groups and Committees and to be outspoken on needs and challenges. The more vocal members are on overarching issues and concerns, the more members will find partners to address them together. And ultimately, members will benefit collectively.

Robert concluded by thanking the members for their trust in him as well as the responsibility and the challenge in the SAI Platform Presidency.

Robert Erhard has been working with Nestlé for over 17-years. He has held multiple roles within the company including the Corporate Head of Fresh Milk and Agricultural Services in the Greater China region. In 2015 he returned to Europe as Global Head of Milk Sourcing. Within SAI Platform he has held the role of chair in the Dairy Working Group and more recently been a member of the Executive Committee.

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