Welcome To Our New Member: Intersnack Group

27th February 2018

As an industry renowned community of knowledge sharing and best practices, we are quickly approaching 90 members, and we warmly welcome our first new member for 2018: Intersnack Group.

Intersnack Group – Key facts

SAI Platform member since February 2018

Intersnack Group are a Europe-wide savoury snack producer, with an extensive portfolio including many international and well-known brands such as Chio and KP, as well as many local favourites in regional markets. As a private owned company with over 8,400 employees, Intersnack Group’s focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and teamwork has resulted in an annual turnover of more than €2 billion euros.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Intersnack Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility management is defined by, and divided up into, four areas of activity:

All aimed to ensuring the quality and safety of all products to minimise the environmental impact of operations, to take full account of the social implications of the supply chain, to invest in local communities and to promote the welfare of our employees.

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

From the procurement level right up to the group board level, across all management there is involvement in the sustainability strategy. Joining SAI Platform will provide hands-on participation and input of sustainability and sector expertise. This will help get new input /views on key topics and approaches, and enable collaboration with other SAI Platform members across commodity issues.