Welcome to Our New Member: Mizkan America

5th June 2018

Mizkan America – Key facts

SAI Platform Member since May 2018

The company was founded in Handa in 1804, producing rice vinegar using by-products from the production of sake (rice alcohol). In the late 1970s Mitsukan expanded from Japan into the United States and began acquiring regional condiment companies. Mizkan’s product range includes: vinegars, seasoned rice vinegars, balsamic vinegars, wine vinegars, mustards, jellies, salad dressings, and authentic Asian sauces. 

Sustainability Practice in Use

Mizkan has purchased owl houses for its growers and offered long-term contracts to its most sustainable growers. The biggest challenge they face is moving growers from a production only based concept to one that includes habitat for native species without causing food safety issues and pest pressures to increase.

Their guiding principle is to develop business practices that conserve resources, protect the environment and make economic sense. Their conservation efforts will be focused on reducing carbon footprint, eliminating waste and driving cost reduction activity.

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Mizkan sees membership in the SAI Platform as a way to measure themselves with others on sustainability and an opportunity to learn new concepts and ideas.