Welcome to Our New Member: Nomad Foods Europe

5th June 2018

Nomad Foods Europe – Key facts

SAI Platform Member since March 2018

Nomad Foods is a leading frozen foods company. Their aim is to build a global portfolio of best-in-class food companies and brands within the frozen category and across the broader food sector.

Sustainability Practice in Use

In late 2017, Nomad established a new set of principles for their sustainability programme, including refreshed objectives for sustainable agriculture.

To meet these objectives, Nomad intends to:

In addition, Nomad believes a focus on quality product and high output of usable yield, plus long-term relationships with farmers leads to a solid sustainability platform to build from.

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Nomad plans to implement FSA within their supply chain, as well as actively participate in industry dialogue around sustainable agriculture. On both accounts, they feel that SAI Platform is the avenue for them to achieve this.