Welcome to Our New Member: Surexport

5th June 2018

Surexport Compañía Agraria, S.L – Key facts

SAI Platform Member since May 2018

Surexport Compañía Agraria, S.L. is a family owned company based in Spain, growing and supplying berries for the fresh market and for the food processing industry. Its sourcing regions are primarily Southern Europe and Africa.

Many of the company’s activities are in the surroundings of the Doñana National Park (Spain). Since the beginning, in the 1990’s, the company’s main concern has been to make its operations compatible with the special protection area that surrounds it. Poorly managed intensive farming is the source of some environmental problems that jeopardise not only the biodiversity of the Doñana Natural Area but also the future of the company’s growing region.

Sustainability Practice in Use

Surexport has developed actions with the aim to ensure the legality of all its farms, to identify their natural values, to maintain and to improve the natural soil fertility, to reduce the use of water and of plant protection products, and to foster biodiversity.

Why is SAI Platform Membership Important?

Surexport possesses considerable knowledge in water management. Surexport’s experience in farming berries in the Doñana area as well as in other areas in which they are present can contribute to reduce/minimise the impact that agriculture could have on the environment.