Wild Harvest Project completes successful assessment development phase

18th November 2020

SAI Platform’s members are creating an industry-aligned sustainability assessment for wild harvest sourcing, that can be used in all land-based supply chains.

Started in 2019 and with an expected delivery by 2022, the Wild Harvest Project focuses on improving transparency, facilitating supply chain engagement and highlighting areas for improvement. The completion of the initial phase in August 2020 marks the successful evaluation of existing wild harvest sustainability standards and the creation of a working draft of a wild harvest sustainability assessment.

The second phase, now underway, has begun by engaging auditors and standard ownersto complete areview. Field testing, planned to begin in early 2021, will be conducted in several countries over a range of ingredients. This last phase will aggregate all evaluations and reviews to produce a final refinement of the reference.

The wild harvest sustainability assessment will be recognised by the FSA programme and will be available for all companies to use in their wild harvest supply chains.

To get involved, or for more information, contact Jenny Edwards or Leah Blechschmidt