Sustainable Agriculture Partnerships (Pakistan)

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A multi-stage approach to understand the challenges and identify opportunities in farming in Pakistan.

This project sets out to further expand members’ interests in Pakistan and other partnership-based solutions. The project is divided into two phases: the first, establishes a solid structure encouraging trusted collaboration among member companies in Pakistan; the second phase involves strengthening the value of this collaboration by way of three projects that will catalyse action and impact on the ground.

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The challenge

Core areas for collaboration have already been identified based on member-respective priorities in Pakistan. Each company has set targets around reducing GHG emissions, introducing regenerative practices and investing in women’s economic empowerment with implications for their agricultural supply chains.

By means of a collective effort to address these systemic issues, the project aims to create a virtuous cycle that helps farmers adapt to changes and shifting practices that contribute to securing supply and the development of the sector.

Other priorities include farmers access to technology and inputs as an initial pre-competitive step. Focus also concentrates on behavioural change and women’s empowerment to increase agricultural communities’ uptake of machinery and innovative climate-smart practices that improve supply chain performance and build equitable communities.


  • Establish cross-sector, multi-stakeholder partnership model for on-the-ground projects focused on climate resilience and distribution of technological advancements or inputs;
  • Build local community for coordinating local interventions and sharing objectives that support SAI Platform’s broader objectives, including FSA 3.0;
  • Develop and test a roadmap for local ownership and project sustainability among Pakistan local teams for continued legacy and long-term sustainability of pre-competitive collaboration in-country.

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