Climate Conversations Session 8: Integrating Impact & Communicating end-to-end in the value chain

11 Apr 2024Online

3pm – 4:30pm CET

Members only

The final webinar in the Climate Conversations series, hosted by SAI Platform’s Crops Manager, Robyn Cooper, will take place on 11th April 2024.

Much of the series so far has focused on action at the farm level. However, one of the biggest climate related challenges that SAI Platform members face is how to link the climate action within the value chain with their corporate commitments. There are multiple compounding factors within this, which we aim to touch on in the final session of the series:

  • As the direct off-taker, how to aggregate the data from farm level back up to global reporting
  • Achieving clarity on what and how data is shared between suppliers and customers
  • Effective supplier and/or customer engagement to collect and report the data
  • Approaches to reporting and communicating on climate impacts

The GHG Protocol has limited guidance at this level of detail, and while industry initiatives are emerging, more work needs to be done to align across how this is done for FLAG (Forestry, Land, and Agriculture) emissions data in the food and beverage sector.


  • Brian Nash, Ingredion: “In the thick of it” – The challenges facing value chain intermediaries.
  • Amale Zegoud, SAI Platform and anna Flysjo, Arla Foods and IDF: Best practice and learnings from the Dairy sector.
  • Matt Banks and Meg Campbell, Supplier LOCT (Guidehouse): Innovative initiatives to build supplier capability.

This webinar is reserved for SAI Platform members only. To register for the event, please contact SAI Platform’s Crops Manager, Robyn Cooper directly at rcooper@saplatform.org