Leveraging industry collaborations to drive decarbonisation and regenerative practices

14 Mar 2024Online

4pm – 5pm CET

SAI Platform’s Director for Regenerative Agriculture, Dominik Klauser, will join Daniella Malin, Head of Impact and Collaboration at Cool Farm Alliance for an online webinar, hosted by Agritask, focused on leveraging industry collaborations to drive decarbonisation and regenerative practices.

Learn more about SAI Platform and Cool Farm Alliance’s collaborative partnership. While the two organisation’s roles are distinct, alignment in promoting sustainability and driving positive impact makes them valuable partners for organisations in the food and agriculture sector. By working with both entities, organisations can leverage the expertise and resources of each to address sustainability challenges comprehensively and effectively.

Navigating the landscape of sustainability can be daunting, with complex terminology and evolving standards but Dominik and Daniella aim to demystify this landscape, providing clarity and guidance to members.

Hear from Niek Engbers, Global Sustainability and Technology Manager at McCain about the value of engaging with both SAI Platform and Cool Farm Alliance. By leveraging the resources and expertise of both organisations, McCain has been able to position itself as a leader in sustainable and responsible business practices.

The webinar, facilitated by Guillermo Serra, Head of Sales, Europe at Agritask, will take place on LinkedIn. Register now to be part of the journey towards more sustainable and regenerative food systems.