Reducing risk and improving business outcomes: sustainable agriculture & partnerships in Pakistan

13 Nov 2019GoToWebinar

4 pm CET

As part of our crops webinar series, the Crops Working Group hosting a presentation by Resonance and PepsiCo on a project opportunity in Pakistan.

Resonance will be presenting a new way for SAI Platform and its members to manage projects, to deliver greater impact. The project is applicable for all crops, with lift-and-shift opportunities for other regions.

Pakistan is a significant producer of many agriculture products and crops including rice, wheat, cotton, dairy and others. However, sourcing in Pakistan can present risks, including water shortages, poor working conditions and environmental degradation. Fortunately, many multinational organizations and international donors are investing significantly to make progress towards these challenges, and are looking for company partners to help them do it.

During this webinar we will review the sustainable agriculture risks and opportunities, as well as a new approach to working with these organizations to find opportunities to co-invest in creative solutions for overcoming sustainability challenges in Pakistan.