Resilient Farming Systems: Why Animal Welfare is a Win-Win for the Livestock Industry

10 Sep 2020GoToWebinar

9 am EST – 3 pm CET

Sustainability Insights continues its series of interactive webinars exclusively for SAI Platform members to address the important issues facing the agri-food business today.

Animal welfare is integral to the security and long-term sustainability of the livestock farming sector and to a resilient farming system.

This webinar explores the meaning of animal welfare and its importance to the future security and sustainability of our food system through short- and long-term goals.

We also examine the importance of sharing knowledge and encouraging local innovation, and the role we all have to play in driving change for a resilient food and farming system that is fit for the future.

Key points for discussions will include:

  • Animal welfare as a common understanding.
  • Working in collaboration to improve animal welfare including multi-stakeholder projects such as Noble Foods cage free barn.
  • Overcoming challenges and balancing the cost of higher welfare through mitigation strategies, collective action and tax relief.
  • Engaging with the food industry and livestock sector – Compassion’s approach including corporative and legislative trends in cage free and consumer awareness.
  • Animal welfare in the balance: challenges and opportunities through COVID-19 and in a climate challenged world.
  • Sharing Danone’s ‘Farming for Generations Alliance’ regenerative agriculture pilot.


Dr Tracey Jones, Director of Food Business, Compassion in World Farming,
SAI Platform Advisory Council Member
Cees Jan Hollander
, Global Farming Expertise Manager Cycles & Procurement, Danone

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