SAI Platform Annual Event 2019

26 Jun 2019 – 28 Jun 2019Chicago, IL, United States

The SAI Platform Annual Event 2019 will take place from 26-28 June in Chicago, US.

The main theme of this year’s conference is ‘Next Generation Farming’. We will examine practical implementation approaches and tools to meet companies’ sustainable sourcing strategies and the value proposition to future-proof farming and the supply chain alike.

The SAI Platform Annual Event 2019 offers an exciting program including insightful Field Trips, Conference and our General Assembly. It also promises new perspectives on collaboration to proactively address challenges and accelerate progress on sustainable solutions that will meet tomorrow’s needs.

Our three main focus areas include:

  • Resilient Farming Systems: Practical solutions and case studies; how farmers and the supply chain can adapt to climate change; improve soil health, animal welfare and demonstrate the value proposition for farmers and the environment.
  • Resilient Supply Chains: Examples of tools, collaboration and partnerships that leverage resilient farming systems and value chains.
  • Enabling Next Generation: How to reward farmers and help accelerate adoption of sustainable farming systems

The SAI Platform Annual Event is a global gathering and networking event that attracts stakeholders from across the agricultural value chain.

Why Chicago, Illinois, USA

Chicago offers the opportunity to collaborate with our sister organizations in the United States, furthering SAI Platform’s goals of working collaboratively, decreasing duplication, and easing access to sustainable agriculture tools and frameworks. Furthermore, it provides a broad range of field visits while connecting our members to farmers and showcasing US farmers’ sustainability practices.

Field to Market (FtM)

SAI Platform Annual Event 2019 promises a distinctive experience as we dovetail it to Field to Market’s event. Members will have access to the FtM conference, offering multiple networking opportunities and a joint SAI Platform/FtM dinner. Both events will take place at the same venue.  

The outline agenda:  

  • June 24 – FtM event (for FtM members only)
  • June 25 morning – FtM event (for FtM members only)
  • June 25 afternoon – FtM conference (open also to SAI Platform members) + joint SAI Platform/FtM dinner

SAI Platform Annual Event 2019

  • June 26 – Day 1: Field trips (Dairy, Beef, Crops)
  • June 27 – Day 2: SAI Platform Conference on Next Generation Farming
  • June 28 – Day 3: SAI Platform Conference (continue)

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