WWF Living Planet Report – Securing the diversity of nature

19 Nov 2020GoToWebinar

Unravelling the possibilities for the food & beverage sector

9-10 am EST, 3-4 pm CET

Join us for Sustainability Insights, as we continue with our series of interactive webinars, exclusively for members, to address the important issues facing the agri-food business today.

The WWF Living Planet Index (LPI), provides unequivocal evidence that nature is unravelling, and our planet is flashing red warning signs. Humanity’s destruction of nature is having catastrophic impacts not only on wildlife populations but also on human health, our food production as well as other aspects of our lives.

It is time we answer nature’s SOS. Not just to secure the amazing diversity of life on this planet, but because ignoring it puts the future of our food production as well as nearly 8 billion people at stake.

Join our webinar which will provide in depth explanation on the WWF LPI, including soil biodiversity, plants diversity, climate change as a risk to biodiversity and biodiversity as a fundamental element to food security.

We will also explore more specifically what are the implications for the agri-food industry through concrete examples such as the Doñana Berry project and what are the actions needed going forward.


  • Ulrike Sapiro, Senior Director, Water Stewardship & Agriculture, The Coca-Cola Company.
  • Melissa Ho, Senior Vice President, Freshwater and Food, WWF US.
  • Felipe Fuentelsaz, Agriculture & Water Coordinator, Doñana Berry project WWF Spain. 

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