Commitment, Expansion and Partnerships

4th September 2017

Companies active in the production and procurement of berries in the Doñana region of Spain have committed to a three-year project, following a pilot phase. The project involves the collaboration of producer groups, suppliers and buyers as well as NGOs and government organisations, all working together to support the development of sustainable berry production.

Water Efficiency Training

As an important berry sourcing area for many companies, water use in the Doñana region is a key challenge for long-term sustainable production. 2016 was a pilot year for the Doñana project, with the water efficiency training focused on a small group of producers. The training is now expanding, with 100 farmers in the Doñana region receiving technical instruction in water efficiency.

New Partners

As a growing initiative, the Doñana Berry Project recently welcomed NIAB EMR to the management team. This new partnership provides vital additional technical expertise in berry production and water management to the farmer training component of the project.

NIAB EMR is an organisation based in the UK specialising in horticultural crop research and producer training.

Get involved

The project team continues to increase its engagement with local government and NGOs, and is looking for innovation partners.

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