We welcome Dale Farm as a SAI Platform member

16th April 2024

“SAI Platform offers Dale Farm an excellent opportunity to further develop our course of action to sustainability. Working collaboratively as an industry is essential in tackling these vital issues.”

Edward Wright ,Head of Sustainability

Headquartered in Belfast and employing approximately 1,200 people across the UK. Dale Farm is the largest UK farmer-owned cooperative – the 1,300 dairy farmers that supply the company with milk also own the business.

Dale Farm collects milk from its members’ farms and supplies animal feed to farmers. With this milk, Dale Farm manufactures branded and own-label dairy products for the retail, foodservice and food ingredients markets, distributing these throughout the UK and to 40 export markets across the globe. Through its Dale Farm, Dromona and Mullins brands, the cooperative’s products including milk, cheese, butter, and ice cream continue to grow in popularity with consumers.

All Dale Farm farmers are Red Tractor approved to ensure they meet the highest standards of food safety, animal welfare, traceability and environmental impact. The company recently launched its “Future Strong” sustainability programme – a framework for reducing emissions and improving efficiency both on farm and the factory floor.

For more information on Dale Farm, visit their website.