Effective transition support marks a key step in SAI Platform’s Regenerating Together Programme

13th March 2024

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SAI Platform continues to shape the transition to a more sustainable and resilient food system as it releases two key resources to facilitate the adoption of the Regenerating Together global framework for regenerative agriculture. 

The Regenerating Together Assessment Prototype v1.1 and the Transition Support Guide aim to support SAI Platform members to implement regenerative agriculture in farming operations and supply chains. Available exclusively to SAI Platform members, they can be downloaded via My SAI Platform

Developed in consultation with members and industry leaders and based on valuable inputs from farmers and subject matter experts from around the world, these latest resources mark a significant phase in the programme to facilitate an industry-wide transition to regenerative agriculture.  

The Regenerating Together Assessment Prototype offers a structured process for data collection and analysis, enabling members to assess whether a farm or supply shed aligns with SAI Platform’s criteria for regenerative agriculture. The Prototype brings the four-step implementation process of the Regenerating Together global framework for regenerative agriculture to life: context analysis, outcome selection, practice adoption and monitoring progress. It facilitates informed decision-making and identifies areas for improvement, within the programme’s key areas of impact: soil health, water, biodiversity, and climate. It is designed for use at both supply shed and farm-level, for crops, dairy and beef systems globally, to drive the transition to regenerative agriculture. 

The Regenerating Together Transition Support Guide offers insights and best practice examples to assist members in planning and executing regenerative agriculture projects by following the Regenerating Together framework process flow. This lean and living document serves as a structure for additional content and will evolve as new findings and case studies emerge.  

“Transition support is fundamental to the Regenerating Together programme. We aim to inspire and catalyse the widespread adoption of regenerative agriculture with practical guidance for our members to develop new and scale existing regenerative agriculture initiatives.” 

Dominik Klauser, Director, Regenerative Agriculture, SAI Platform.

In line with the premise of continuous improvement, members are invited to use these resources, on the ground and provide feedback, which will be used to update the Assessment Prototype and develop a web application powered by the FSA system later this year. SAI Platform will be actively collecting information on the interests and needs as well as opportunities for such member-led projects over the coming weeks.  

As the Regenerating Together programme develops over 2024 other supportive resources to come include: 

SAI Platform looks forward to continuing to work closely with the SAI Platform community to bring the Regenerating Together programme to life and lead the transition to regenerative agriculture.