Empowering farmers to demonstrate, enhance and verify on-farm sustainability

19th March 2024

FSA Farmer’s Handbook

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SAI Platform is delighted to announce the release of the FSA Farmer Handbook, a useful guide to the Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tailored specifically for farmers in Farm Management Groups. This resource, available for download from the FSA Resource Centre, equips farmers with essential information on using the FSA to demonstrate, enhance and verify on-farm sustainability. 

The FSA Farmer Handbook is a welcome addition to SAI Platform’s FSA guidance materials that support and empower farmers to drive continuous improvement on their farms.

Key features include clear explanations on the scope and purpose of the FSA, guidance on how the FSA works and how to get started, and information about what is involved in on-farm FSA verification audits. Authentic case studies from farmers using the FSA in various parts of the world address common farmer concerns and inspire confidence in the partnering relationships championed by the FSA. 

The FSA Farmer Handbook aims to facilitate engagement between SAI Platform members and farmers. Farm Management Group Coordinators are encouraged to share the handbook with the farmers they work with to build a collective understanding of the purpose of the FSA and the steps involved in its implementation.  

Designed for accessibility and the user’s needs in mind, the FSA Farmer Handbook offers different options for its distribution and use. The text in the handbook is editable, allowing for translation into different languages so it can be used globally across member’s supply chains. Moreover, the handbook may be either printed and distributed as a physical A5 booklet or shared as a digital resource.

We would like to thank Ephraim Ballon, Andreia Barbosa, and Guy Moor for sharing their experiences of using the FSA as farmer case studies in the handbook. These accounts provide valuable insights into both the implementation process and the benefits of using the FSA in varied farming contexts. Thank you also to Illovo Sugar Africa and Nordzucker for their time and expertise during the development of the handbook. 

Download the FSA Farmer’s Handbook now from the FSA Resource Centre