Exclusive Interview With Peter-Erik Ywema

4th December 2017

Before parting, Peter-Erik Ywema, Director of Strategy and Engagement, sat down with Communications Manager Brigid Norde-McAleer to talk about how his passion for sustainable agriculture developed, how SAI Platform has evolved over his 10-years, the future of sustainable agriculture, his legacy, and the bike ride that will signal the start of his first chapter outside of SAI Platform.

“What I am most proud of, and what I hear back from most members and outsiders, is that we have created a safe learning environment.”

Amongst a wide array of topics, listen to the interview to hear Peter-Erik describe what he cites to be the principal achievement of his time at SAI Platform and why he believes it is so important.

“The real challenge is to use this opportunity to really reconnect abstract value chains. Make sure that people feel appreciated and recognised, [and to] talk to farmers about their craftsmanship, skills, [and] about their worries, and really listen.”

Also in the interview, Peter-Erik delves into the what he holds firm to be the keys to success in any sustainable agriculture effort for SAI Platform and its members: the groundwork and “keeping the work real.”

As for what “keeping the work real” means, the bike ride, how the industry has changed since he entered it, and the rest of his thoughts, you will need to listen to Peter-Erik’s interview.

>> Listen to Peter-Erik Ywema as he tells his story, what he wants his legacy to be as well as discussing the future of sustainable agriculture, and of course – the bike-ride!