FSA and Regenerating Together forge joint industry solution 

1st February 2024

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SAI Platform is pleased to announce the integration of its pioneering Regenerating Together global framework for regenerative agriculture with its long-standing Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) tool. This significant stride to advance farm-level outcomes and optimise the function of both industry solutions will feature a standalone Regenerating Together tool, powered by FSA operations, and an easy-to-use module for existing FSA users, ready for launch in 2025.  

The integration reaffirms SAI Platform’s commitment to advancing sustainable and regenerative agriculture practices globally. Furthermore, this joint development acknowledges the practical needs for operational efficiency among members and users.   

In tandem with this integration, SAI Platform extends an invitation to members and stakeholders to participate in a new Outcome Measurement Workstream. This collaborative effort will provide hands-on support for the development of both the Regenerating Together framework and the FSA tool.  

Speaking about this important next step in the development of SAI Platform’s industry solutions, Joe Rushton, FSA Director commented: “I’m excited to ensure that SAI Platform maintains and grows its position as a global thought leader and provider of leading industry solutions for sustainable and regenerative agriculture by integrating our solutions extensively”.  

Following the successful deployment of FSA 3.0 and the recent launch of the Regenerating Together framework, SAI Platform is well-positioned to commence this integration process. The revision includes FSA features such as the Priority Screening Tool, Continuous Improvement Module, and verification methodology while integrating the Regenerating Together framework in the form of a module. The integration efforts will be supported by a collaborative Outcome Measurement Workstream, jointly conducted by Regenerating Together and FSA programmes to guide users in demonstrating the long-term outcomes of their improvement plans or projects. 

“This is an exciting opportunity to work with a varied group of professionals to ensure that the SAI Platform’s industry solutions continue to be state of the art and that we can operationalise the concept of regenerative agriculture. I look forward to learning from talented people in our network and to sharing our body of knowledge with them as well.”

Dominik Klauser, Regenerative Agriculture Director, SAI Platform. 

Open to all members, SAI Platform aims to select six to eight individuals to join the new collaborative workstream. SAI Platform seeks a diverse representation throughout the entire value chain and workstream representatives are expected to spend a few hours per month on related tasks. For further information on what is expected from this new workstream, members can consult the Terms of Reference, available on my SAI Platform. Interested in joining? Then please submit your application, here, before 19th February 2024. 

For more details on this integration and on how SAI Platform’s Crops Working Group, Farm Sustainability Assessment and Regenerating Together programme are working together to advance shared goals in 2024, join the upcoming members webinar on 12th March 2024.