FSA auditors to benefit from tailored online training course

30th November 2020

SAI Platform has released its first online training course for Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) auditors. This tailor-made course facilitates a more efficient training approach for auditors with greater consistency in audit skills on a global scale. SAI Platform’s attention towards auditor training looks to improve both auditor availability and quality of performance.

The interactive training course consists of thirteen modules which auditors can complete at their own pace. The modules contain videos, exercises, and quizzes to test the auditor’s understanding of their role in verifying FSA Performance. The course also enables participants to ask questions directly to SAI Platform.

Auditors are required to take an online exam at the end of the course and will receive a certificate after passing. As of 1st March 2021, all principal and associate FSA auditors are required to have completed the course successfully.

“The new online auditor course is a great addition to our audit management programme.”, commented Sven Sielhorst, Systems Director at SAI Platform.

“Auditor competency is the key determinant of good assurance and leads to a more positive audit experience for farmers.”

The course was developed in partnership with GLOBALG.A.P. and costs €150. The course is open to anyone, however, advice is given that only auditors take the course as it assumes a firm basis of audit skills and experience.

In 2021, SAI Platform will develop a similar course for Farm Management Group Coordinators, Stand-Alone Farm Managers and agricultural service providers.  This course will be built around FSA 3.0 and is expected to be released in the second half of the year.