FSA Growing a Better Planet Award 2023 Shortlist  

25th March 2024

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Celebrating leadership and innovation in efforts to continuously improve on-farm sustainability

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The FSA Growing A Better Planet Award was launched in 2023 to celebrate the farmers, individuals and organisations demonstrating leadership and innovation in their efforts to continuously improve on-farm sustainability. You will find below the entries shortlisted for the 2023 award:

Farm Frites Poland 

SAI Platform member, Farm Frites Poland is a leading manufacturer of potato products since 1993. It takes pride in its commitment to quality and sustainability through the close collaboration with over 160 dedicated Polish growers who are farming almost 9 000 ha.

Supplying French fries to Aviko and over 900 McDonald’s restaurants across 10 countries, Farm Frites Poland’s success is rooted in the belief that responsible farming, guided by knowledge and respect for nature, is the key to producing high-quality products while safeguarding the environment. 

Mane Kancor Ingredients 

Mane Kancor Ingredients is a global pioneer in spice extraction for natural flavourings and scents. The company uses the FSA with more than 7 000 mint farmers in Bareilly, Uttar Pradesh, India.

Through comprehensive training, Mane Kancor guides farmers in sustainable cultivation, covering every aspect from land preparation to post-harvesting land care. Mane Kancor fosters innovation among farmers, driving continuous improvements in productivity, resilience, and sustainability for their farming businesses. 

Ocean Spray Cranberries 

SAI Platform member, Ocean Spray Cranberries, is a cooperative of approximately 700 farmer families, many spanning four generations of cranberry cultivation. The cooperative has used the FSA since 2018 and is North America’s first crop cooperative to fully verify its growers.

By collaborating closely with farmers, Ocean Spray fosters continuous improvement aligned with growers’ priorities, emphasising cooperation and collective progress. Ocean Spray dedicates significant efforts to educating farmers on FSA success and provides resource guides to steer them toward positive outcomes. 


Syngenta, a member of SAI Platform, introduced Cropwise, a comprehensive platform integrating services and solutions for farmers and advisors. This tool facilitates optimisation of farm operations and daily activities.

Using Syngenta’s Sustainable Outcomes in Agriculture (SOA) standard on Cropwise, farmers gain valuable insights into their sustainability practices, fostering improved communication on their commitment to outcomes such as biodiversity, soil health, productivity, and community strength. This user-friendly, free platform enables growers to track progress and receive actionable insights for developing continuous improvement plans. 

Phata Sugarcane Outgrowers Cooperative (2023 winner) 

Phata Sugarcane Outgrowers Cooperative in Malawi is a smallholder farmer-owned organisation with 1130 household members. The 2023 winners of the FSA Growing A Better Planet Award stood out for their holistic approach to sustainability and their significant contributions to the local community. 

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