FSA Measurement and Integration Workstream: Call for nominations

24th March 2022

Agriculture supply chain experts, representatives and stakeholders are invited to apply to be a member of the FSA Measurement and Integration Workstream.

The function of the FSA Measurement and Integration workstream is to support the FSA Steering Committee in the ongoing development of SAI Platform’s Farm Sustainability Assessment (FSA) Programme.

Following the launch of FSA version 3.0, the FSA now includes an Outcome Measurement Module to demonstrate the impact of the Continuous Improvement Plans. The FSA Steering Committee has established a Measurement and Integration Workstream with the mandate to continue the development of the Outcome Measurement Module, in close collaboration with the Assurance Workstream. In addition, the workstream will consider how the FSA can more readily be integrated or aligned with other agricultural production systems and industry solutions.

SAI Platform anticipates selecting 6-8 individuals to join this workstream. The FSA Steering Committee has outlined the remit of the Measurement and Integration Workstream in a clear Terms of Reference (ToR), which also outlines the desired profile of the workstream members.

You can download the ToR from the following link: Outcome Measurement and Integration.

This is an exciting opportunity to work with a varied group of professionals to ensure that the FSA Programme continues to be state of the art as we progress into the 2020s. I look forward to learning from talented people in our network, and to sharing our body of knowledge with them as well.

Joe Rushton, FSA Director

The Measurement and Integration Workstream is an unpaid position that is open to members and non-members of SAI Platform. It is the intention of the FSA Steering Committee to have a good representation of actors throughout the entire value chain. Workstream representatives are expected to spend a few hours per month on FSA workstream related work.

Interested in joining the FSA’s Measurement and Integration Workstream? Then please complete this application form before 8th April 2022.

The first meeting will be held on Wednesday 27th April 2022 at 3:30 CET.

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